Activities – Suggestions

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  • Cooking lessons for families – group or individual customers in the yard of Ganimede

Go back home and impress your family or your friends with a recipe of a traditional pie! They will love it!

Chrisoula will teach you how to make a delicious pie! Then you will enjoy it in the wonderful courtyard of GANIMEDE with a local wine. It is also possible to show you step by step how to prepare one of the traditional dishes of the area such as the traditional kelemia (stuffed onions with rice and minced meat).



  • Olive & Olive Tasting in the yard of Ganimede

A Mediterranean taste, with olive oil and olives, olive paste and varieties of cheese, chutneys, refreshing herbal teas, all pure products of our land.


  • Lessons for making traditional pure soap from olive oil and herbs of Fokida



This magnificent historic classic boat was built in 1927 and is in excellent condition. It can accommodate from 4-9 people and is truly a unique and perfectly maintained boat.

Sailing with our sailboat and our flag high, you will be able to feel this unique feeling of an amazing day trip or even a three-day unique travel experience.

If this seems a lot, Eric, Bertand or Costas can definitely organize a shorter beautiful half day walk around the fairytale Galaxidi. Organize with us the program you desire and give yourself, your family and your friends a unique sailing adventure under the colors and magic of the Delphic landscape.



  • Snorkelling

Go under on one of the islands of the area or around the small coves.


  • Fishing

If you like fishing, Captain Costas will show you his art and his secrets.


  • Canoe

Our store with fishing and leisure items at the port of Galaxidi ( ) has canoes with 3 seats for rent. Discover any of the islands nearby, swim in the crystal clear waters, enjoy the sun and the serenity of the sea.


  • Authentic Outdoor activities with a guide

Korykeio Andros: It is located at an altitude of 1,400 meters on Mount Parnassos. It was the first sanctuary in the area of Delphi, the house of the God Pan and the Nymphs. The view from there is fantastic. You will see Parnassos, the Corinthian Gulf and the northern side of the Peloponnese.



  • Hiking in forests and caves of Parnassos

Enjoy unique seasonal routes with a low degree of difficulty and lasting from 3 to 4 hours. Find yourself hiking on beautiful trails in the forest and visiting one of the caves of Parnassos.



  • The ancient path of Delphi

The ancient path is today part of the European path E4. After crossing a forest zone with fir trees, you descend to the navel of the earth with an impressive view to the olive grove and the Corinthian gulf. Further back, you can see the mountains of the Peloponnese.



  • Delphi – Kirra crossing the Ancient Eleonas (Land of Olive Trees)

A downhill path and a rural road leads you from Delphi to the village of Chrissos, which in ancient times hosted visitors to the oracle.




  • Bicycle ride Delphi – Kirra

The ride will start in front of the archeological site of Delphi. Very soon you will enter the heart of the olive grove and you will meet the small church of Agios Georgios. You will make a smooth descent on rural roads.



  • Bicycle ride in the National Park

A refreshing mountain bike ride on a unique route with a great forest scenery.


  • Galaxidi

A safe walk that one can enjoy on the entire coastal road of Galaxidi without a guide. You can reach the beautiful pine forest of Kentri, the coast of Oianthi and the picturesque port of Chirolakas.


  • Jeeping on Mount Parnassos and the mythical caves

A beautiful 4 X 4 route in the Parnassos National Park to explore the forest and the unique caves of the area.



  • Guided tour of Delphi

If you are planning to visit the Archaeological site and the Museum of Delphi, then our guide is waiting for you to teach you everything you need to know.

The tour can take place in

Greek | English | French  | Japanese | Italian


  • Snowshoe ride on Mount Parnassos

Starting from the Defner refuge at the base of the Ski Resort, you will walk on snowy paths enjoying the peace and quiet of the mountain.




Have you ever looked at birds and dreamed that you could fly like them? That you are overcoming gravity?

Well, it’s time to make that dream come true. Take off from a slope and enjoy from up there, the view of Delphi and the archeological site.


  • Massage – Manual therapy

A relaxing massage and a manual therapy can be provided to you. These are external services.


  • Fokida Mining Park

Go to this unique theme park in Greece. You will have the opportunity to experience the life of a miner. You will visit a real underground gallery in which time ‘froze’ in the middle of the 20th century. The tour of the Vagonetto gives you the opportunity to get acquainted step by step with the bauxite mining process.




If you like honey or want to know more about it, then you should consider visiting the impressive honey park “MOKA HONEY” in Itea, Fokida.