The Great Breakfast of Ganimede

Ganimede’s famous breakfast has been identified since 1966 with Galaxidi the homemade taste and the unique authentic Greek hospitality.

Dear friends have generously given us all these years their preference for our unique breakfast. They ‘ve been visiting us again and again, writing beautiful comments and recommending our space to acquaintances and friends.

In April 2014, officially, Ganimede and his breakfast were distinguished with the title “Standard Greek Breakfast of Fokida” (leader) by the competent body, the Hotel Chamber of Greece. Ganimede’s wonderful mornings quickly became known in Greece and abroad. Thus highlighting not only the hotel itself, but also the wider area of ​​Fokida. With the rich “heritage” of Bruno’s recipes and little secrets, we continue the difficult task with a lot of love and zeal for creative flavors. It’s magical to dream of our breakfast!

Galaxidi, Fokida

Hospitality graciousness

Charming atmosphere

Picturesque scenery

Exceptional setting


Tasteful Hospitality

Join the Cooking Class Fun Time

We wish you a pleasant stay in Galaxidi!