The Myth of Oedipus

22 Σεπτεμβρίου, 2021 By

I would like to thank Neville Spencer Lewis for giving me a copy of his book and to encourage others to read it.

In Oedipus: The Branching Road, Neville has retold the myth of Oedipus in an original and credible way. It is simply the story of father – son rivalry with Oedipus knowingly having killed his father, king Louis of Thebes, at the famous cross-roads (the Branching Road). Oedipus ascends the throne of Thebes but his secret patricide is finally unraveled by one of his own sons who covets the throne himself. In a page – turning denouement, Oedipus has to face his own punishment through the agency of the god Apollo.

It’s a well written book by someone who also knows the area well, having lived in nearby Davlia (ancient Daulis).

Neville Spencer has been a loyal customer of GANIMEDE HOTEL and a friend, for many decades.